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Information on non-performing exposures

Due to different practices in Member States, the European Banking Authority (EBA) set out a harmonised definition of non-performing and forborne exposures in the Single Rulebook for the purpose of reporting on a consolidated basis, as published in Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 2015/227 (Official Journal of the EU, No 48/2015 of 20 February 2015).
Taking into account the new harmonised definition and with the aim of monitoring and effectively managing risks, the Bank of Slovenia prescribed the quarterly reporting of such information on an individual basis for all banks and savings banks. The banks and savings banks reported their non-performing and forborne exposures according to the new definition on individual basis for the first time as at 30 June 2015.
On the basis of the BS1S monthly report, the content of which is set out in detail in the Regulation on reporting by monetary financial institutions and the Guidelines for implementing the Regulation on reporting by monetary financial institutions, on 31 December 2016 the Bank of Slovenia switched to monthly capture of data on banks’ non-performing exposures according to the standard EBA definition. Accordingly the Bank of Slovenia will now publish data on non-performing exposures at the level of the entire banking system on a monthly basis.

Publication of the non-performing exposures of banks and savings bank

Table: Information on the banking system’s non-performing exposures as at 31 July 2017

  Gross carrying amount of exposure* Value adjustment due to impairment and provisions (non-performing) Coverage of non-performing exposures with value adjustments
  Of which non-performing


Of which forborne

EUR thousand 1 2 3=2/1 4 5 6=5/2
Debt instruments***:  35,715,187      2,830,437    7.93% 1,730,818  1,666,539 58.88%
-Debt securities 8,703,419 0 0% 0 0  
-Loans and advances 27,011,767 2,830,437 10.48% 1,730,818 1,666,539 58.88%
       -of which loans and advances to non-financial corporations 10,067,953 2,365,306 23.49% 1,561,855 1,382,480 58.45%
Off-balance-sheet exposures 5,711,598 197,610 3.46% 48,205 85,523 43.28%
TOTAL 41,426,785 3,028,047 7.31% 1,779,022 1,752,061 57.86%


*The gross carrying amount of an exposure is its carrying amount prior to the value adjustment due to impairment and provisions.
**Collateral received is taken into acount up to the carrying amount of non-performing exposures after the value of adjustment due to impairment and provisions.
***Debt instruments, other than held for trading.

Reports (non-performing exposures - NPE): 

Table: The banking system’s non-performing exposures  

  in thousand  EUR in % of gross carrying amount of exposure*
30.06.2015 5,951,268 14.17
30.09.2015 5,464,499 12.99
31.12.2015 4,812,718 11.43
31.03.2016 4,527,269 10.83
30.06.2016 4,257,467 10.31
30.09.2016 3,718,612 9.07
31.12.2016 3,495,825 8.49
31.01.2017 3,332,942 8.14
28.02.2017 3,384,915 8.23
31.03.2017 3,343,969 8.01
30.04.2017 3,263,733 7.89
31.05.2017 3,191,196 7.69
30.06.2017 3,114,280 7.53
31.07.2017 3,028,047 7.31

*The gross carrying amount of an exposure is its carrying amount prior to the value adjustment due to impairment and provisions.


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