GS1 standard

By defining procedures and not technology, GS1 standards make communication between different business partners and information systems easier, regardless off their software, language and location.

Standardization brings benefits at:

  • stocks and capacities management,
  • tracing orders and shipments,
  • recirculation and sorting of cash,
  • optimization and stability of cash supply,
  • ATMs control and management,
  • management of transport units.

To reap the benefits of the standardization, it is vital to conform to the rules of GS1 system, especially to properly identify all the business partners, transport units, shipments and items.


ID keys


System GS1 uses several ID keys, which are used in different business scenarios.

GTIN Global Trade Item Number is used to uniquely identify trade items, eg. banknotes, coins or services. Item numbers for eurobanknotes and eurocoins are provided by European central bank, while numismatic products, issued by Bank of Slovenia, have their own item numbers, defined by the issuer


Global Location Number identifies company's locations and business entities


Serial Shipment Container Code uniquely identifies logistic unit and as such enables tracing at every step of the process


Global Returnable Asset Identifier is used for identifying and tracing reusable assets


Global Shipment Identification Number identifies shipment comprised of one or more logistic units that are intended to be delivered together




Barcodes enable quick and reliable transfer of identification number from physical unit into the information system and are important element of the identification system. In cash logistics, linear barcodes in symbologies EAN-13 and GS1-128 are used.




To communicate effectively, business partners use electronic messages in cash logistics. These messages, predefined by GS1 XML standard, cover every step in business process by containing specific information needed by involved parties.


Below is the list of all messages used in cash logistics processes:

 Slovene English  GS1 message
 Naročilo gotovine  Cash Order  Order
 Obvestilo o dostavi  Notification of Delivery  Despatch Advice
 Najava odpreme  Notification of Lodgement  Despatch Advice
 Navodila za prevoz  Transport Instruction  Transport Instruction and Response
 Potrdilo o prevzemu  Confirmation of Receipt  Receiving Advice
 Potrdilo o odpremi  Confirmation of Despatch  Despatch Advice
 Obvestilo o odpremi  Notification of Despatch  Despatch Advice
 Potrdilo o dostavi  Confirmation of Delivery  Despatch Advice
 Potrdilo o štetju  Final Receipt  Receiving Advice
 Servisno sporočilo  Service Message (ARA)  Application Receipt Acknowledgement (ARA)
 Najava pologa  Order of Lodgement  Despatch Advice


You can find more on GS1 standards on GS1 Slovenia website.