Commemorative and collector coins

Having joined the European Monetary Union and introduced the euro (2007), Slovenia has changed the way in which it issues occasional coins and other special coins. In line with EU legislation, these coin issues are divided into

  • commemorative coins
  • collector coins.

Commemorative coins

Commemorative coins are identical to the general circulation €2 coin in terms of dimensions and in terms of physical and chemical properties. They have a common European side, and a national side with a motif marking an event of wider international significance or of major significance to Slovenia. Pursuant to the Law on occasional coins, Slovenia may issue commemorative coins to mark a single event each year. Commemorative coins are legal tender in all Member States of the eurozone.

Collector coins

Collector coins are issued to mark no more than ten events a year. They are made of gold, silver, or any other metals determined by the Slovenian authorities. They differ from general circulation coins in terms of colour, diameter and weight. The face value is expressed in euros, but it differs from the face values of general circulation coins. Collector coins are legal tender at face value in Slovenia, but they are of collectible value only in other countries. They are sold at a price higher than the face value.