How can I buy a numismatic product?

The Bank of Slovenia currently does not have an online store.

Numismatic products can be purchased and ordered as follows:

1. At the Bank of Slovenije counters ("BLAGAJNA BANKE SLOVENIJE")

Štefanova ulica 1 

Monday to Friday   9 am to 1 pm
also Wednesdays:  2 pm to 3.30 pm


Enquiries as to the availability of numismatic products and the possibility of purchasing them can be submitted to the Bank of Slovenia on the Contact form (select Banknotes and Coins).


The Bank of Slovenia is only required to meet orders when it has sufficient stocks of numismatic products available. Information about stocks can be found on the List of numismatic product.

The Bank of Slovenia does not ship its numismatic products by post; they must be paid for and picked up at the Bank of Slovenia counters. 

2. At selected branches of Deželna banka Slovenije or by email


Information about the availability of individual numismatic products at Deželna banka Slovenijecan be obtained from the bank.

Only at Deželna banka Slovenije ( can numismatic products be ordered and purchased for shipment by post outside Slovenia.