Commemorative Editions Bank of Slovenia


To mark the introduction of the euro, the Bank of Slovenia is issuing 2,000 gold medals and 2,000 silver medals designated the Gold Tolar* and the Silver Tolar*.

The Bank of Slovenia issued set of circulation coins 2006* in two types of minting (1,000 pieces ´proof´* and 4,000 pieces ´ordinary´*).



The sets of circulation coins referring to individual years were issued in two types of minting (´proof´ and ´ordinary´). The sets comprise coins that have not been put into circulation yet. The sets of circulation coins which were issued refer to the following years: 



To mark the signing of Slovenia´s agreement on full membership of the European Union, on 26 May 2003 the Bank of Slovenia issued commemorative 10,000 tolar, 1,000 tolar and 100 tolar banknotes* with a special printed feature, and created 500 sets for collectors.



Given the interest from collectors and the public at large, on 6 May 2002 the Bank of Slovenia released 1,000 sets of the old payment notes (2,000 and 0.50 denominations) that were never legal tender.*



To mark the tenth anniversary of the tolar, the first currency of the independent Slovenia, on 8 October 2001 the Bank of Slovenia issued the following for collectors:

* Item is no longer available