Currency exchange operators

The Foreign Exchange Act (in Slovene) defines exchange operations as the purchase and sale of foreign currency (banknotes and coins denominated in foreign currency and issued by a central bank or a government), and the purchase of cheques denominated and negotiable in foreign currency. The aforementioned law further stipulates that exchange operations may be conducted by currency exchange operators and by banks and savings banks that, in accordance with the law governing banking, provide the service of trading in foreign means of payment, including exchange operations.

Under the Foreign Exchange Act, a currency exchange operator is a legal entity, a sole trader or an individual independently pursuing registered business activities that provides exchange operations on the basis of a Bank of Slovenia authorisation.

The Bank of Slovenia is a supervisory authority and misdemeanours body in connection with the operation of currency exchange operators and in respect of persons providing exchange operations without an authorisation. The Bank of Slovenia administers a list of currency exchange operators and their individual currency exchange points.