Orders closed for 2022 numismatic products

02/23/2022 / Numismatic

From 27 January to 16 February Banka Slovenije accepted orders for numismatic products for 2022 via the online application. We received 991 orders from individuals and corporate customers, who can pick up their reserved products between 2 and 15 March at selected points of sale (changes to pick up locations are no longer possible). Please see also the published press release.

Following the conclusion of receiving orders, there was no need to conduct a lottery for any of the numismatic products, so we were able to reserve all the ordered quantities of numismatic products for all individuals. We also reserved all the ordered quantities of numismatic products for corporate customers, with the exception of collections of 2022 euro coins in proof technique, the numbers of which in accordance with the General Terms for Ordering the 2022 Numismatic Products we additionally limited to a maximum of 5 pieces. In view of the available quantity of products and the orders received via the online application, all products with the exception of the collections of 2022 euro coins in proof technique will be available for general purchase from the day sales begin, for all interested parties who have not placed orders in advance. We should further underline that the commemorative coins issued on the 35th anniversary of the Erasmus programme will not be available for picking up from 2 March, but are expected to be issued and placed in circulation in July this year.

We kindly invite you to make purchases through our standard pick up points, i.e. at the Banka Slovenije counters, at selected branches of Deželna banka Slovenije, and at Moro & Kunst.

In our desire to obtain opinions on the new ordering system and suggestions for improvements to the ordering system for numismatic products, we also kindly invite you to complete a short questionnaire available at the following link or in hard copy at the points of sale for numismatic products (both only in Slovene).