Press release - Close of Generation €URO Competition 2015/16

03/30/2016 / Press release

The final round of this year’s Generation €URO competition was held on 30 March 2016 at the Bank of Slovenia. It was won by the team from the Šentvid Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, from Ljubljana.

The Generation €URO secondary school competition was again organised in the 2015/16 school year by the ECB and 11 other euro area national central banks, including the Bank of Slovenia for the fifth time. The competition offers an opportunity to younger generations who have grown up with the euro to learn interactively about monetary policy in the single currency zone and its relationship with the economy, and to deepen their understanding of the work of central banks.

In Slovenia 28 teams took part in the first phase of the competition by answering a quiz (compared with 28 last year, and 22 the previous year). Five secondary schools qualified for the finals of this year’s competition: 
- Poljane Gymnasium in Ljubljana,
- Radovljica Economics Gymnasium and Secondary School,
- the Šentvid Diocesan Classical Gymnasium, 
- the Second Maribor Gymnasium, and
- the Secondary School of Economics, Services and Construction at Kranj Education Centre, who withdrew from the competition for personal reasons.

All the competing teams showed a high level of understanding of the rather complex issue of euro area monetary policy in all three phases of competition (1. the quiz; 2. a test paper on setting the appropriate interest rate on the basis of economic and financial analysis; and 3. presentation of the paper at the central bank). 
The winning team will soon take part in the award event at the ECB in Frankfurt, where members of the team will be presented with their prizes by the president of the ECB.