Press release: System for reporting breaches put in place

11/13/2015 / Press release

In accordance with Article 239 of the Banking Act (ZBan-2), the Bank of Slovenia has put in place a system for reporting breaches of regulations in the area of banking, which is primarily intended for bank employees. Whistleblowers may submit reports of circumstances that entail a potential or actual breach of the requirements or restrictions set out by regulations referred to in the second paragraph of Article 9 of the ZBan-2 by ordinary mail to the Bank of Slovenia’s address (Slovenska 35, 1505 Ljubljana) with the inscription “prijava kršitve – ne odpiraj” (report of breach – do not open), or via the Bank of Slovenia website.
A form for reporting breaches that leads the whistleblower through questions of significance to the investigation of the breach is published (in Slovene) on the Bank of Slovenia website.