Termination of the macroprudential liquidity recommendation (GLTDF)

10/22/2021 / Press release

Banka Slovenije has decided to terminate the macroprudential liquidity recommendation for monitoring the banking system funding structure (the Gross Loan to Deposit Flow or GLTDF). This measure was introduced in 2014 to slow the decline in the banking system loan-to-deposit ratio and thus stabilise the banking system funding structure. Since then, it has been adjusted several times. Considering the moderate funding risk, high resilience to liquidity risk and revival of credit growth, Banka Slovenije believes this recommendation is no longer required.

After the termination of the GLTDF instrument, our macroprudential measures will continue to include three other sets of instruments: the macroprudential restrictions on household lending, the countercyclical capital buffer and the capital buffer for other systemically important institutions.