Banka Slovenije hosts the prime minister as part of its 30th anniversary celebrations

02/01/2022 / Press release

A meeting was held between Boštjan Vasle, Governor of Banka Slovenije, and the prime minister, Janez Janša, as part of the celebrations marking the 30th anniversary of Banka Slovenije, at which the prime minister was given a gold medallion minted to mark the occasion. Banka Slovenije was established on 25 June 1991 by the adoption of the Bank of Slovenia Act, and its first duty was to oversee the introduction of a new currency for the independent nation: the tolar.

The design of the medallion, which was chosen in an online citizens’ vote, symbolises the ties between the central bank and the state. One side depicts a symbol of the creation of the Slovenian state, while the other depicts the development of the central bank.

On receiving his medallion, Mr Janša congratulated Mr Vasle for the 30 years of the bank’s work.

He also took the opportunity to tour the Banka Slovenije museum. The museum aims to strengthen the financial literacy of young and old alike, by showcasing the central bank’s key tasks, and their impact on everyday life and the daily decisions made by individuals.

The numismatics section of the museum illustrates the development of Slovenia’s currency, from payment vouchers to the tolar and then the euro, and displays various specimen euro coins and banknotes. It also illustrates the workings of the Eurosystem, and Banka Slovenije’s role within it. The museum shows the key pillars of Banka Slovenije’s work: monetary policy, microprudential supervision, macroprudential policy, bank resolution and the deposit guarantee scheme.