Summer Financial Challenge for primary school students

07/08/2022 / Press release

Banka Slovenije is strengthening its financial literacy project, which is now continuing over the summer. We are inviting primary school students to our educational holidays, and are also offering the opportunity to take part in the Summer Financial Challenge. 

Banka Slovenije is making preparations for its educational holidays, which will be held in July and August. With all places booked up in just a few days, we have decided to add the Summer Financial Challenge to spice up the holidays for primary school students. It consists of a number of challenges that encourage cognitive development in a variety of areas. Children and young people will solve crosswords, puzzles and word grids, design commemorative coins, check the authenticity of banknotes, investigate the national sides of euro coins, practice researching content on the Banka Slovenije website, test their general worldliness, and finally put themselves to the test in the creative realm.

The Summer Financial Challenges are available in Slovene only.