Young Masters of Finance: a new youth TV series with educational content

01/23/2023 / Press release

In collaboration with the children and youth programming board at TV Slovenija and an external production house, Banka Slovenije has helped to create Young Masters of Finance, a new youth TV series aimed at providing financial education for children and young people. The show takes the form of a tense drama serial, where a group of five teenagers learn basic financial concepts such as inflation, interest rates, credit, saving, and advanced modern payment systems. They also find themselves involved in various adventures. The show has eight episodes, and premieres as part of TV Slovenija’s winter holiday programming (30 January to 3 February, and 6 to 10 February).

Educating the public and raising their awareness of personal finance, key economic concepts, and the role and actions of the central bank is vital to understanding the economic environment in which people live and work. Banka Slovenije therefore devotes great attention to financial literacy in all age groups.

The eight-part youth TV series Young Masters of Finance is a welcome addition to the existing financial education programme. Banka Slovenije has been organising free Education Days for the general public for a number of years now, and in 2020 it opened the Banka Slovenije Museum.

Young Masters of Finance was created in collaboration with the children and youth programming board at TV Slovenija, and our focus was ensuring that the series follows the latest global trends in creating programmes for young people. The series has eight interconnected episodes of just over 10 minutes, each of which is dedicated to a particular financial concept.

The story begins when our group of five teenagers join a virtual reality game aimed at financial education. While they learn about various concepts such as inflation, interest rates and saving, they get involved in a variety of exciting escapades, which help to keep the viewer engaged in the series.

Young Masters of Finance will premiere during the school winter holidays, between 30 January and 3 February, and between 6 and 10 February. Later it will form part of Banka Slovenije’s educational content, and will be made available to primary and secondary schools for inclusion in their own teaching programmes.

About the show:
Cast: Sara Domio Grgurović, Klemen Filip Cof, Martina Ronja Usenik, Sofija Lavrač Črnivec, Marko Engelman, Rok Bohinc, Juš Milčinski, Vid Sodnik
Director: Aleš Žemlja
Screenplay: Lev Mastnak Trobentar
Production: Saša Grmek, Art7

Photo: Klemen Premrl