Financial statements of the ECB for 2022

02/23/2023 / Press release

The European Central Bank’s (ECB’s) audited financial statements for 2022 show that the ECB’s profit was zero (2021: €192 million) and thus there will be no profit distribution to the euro area national central banks (NCBs). This result takes into account a release of €1,627 million from the provision for financial risks to cover losses incurred during the year. These losses mainly arose from the interest expense resulting from the ECB’s net TARGET2 liability and security write-downs in the own funds and US dollar portfolios. After the release, the provision for financial risks declined to €6,566 million.

The press release, the Annual Accounts and the Consolidated Balance Sheet of the Eurosystem are available on the ECB's website.

We reiterate that the primary objective of the ECB is to maintain stable price growth, with profit/loss being a side effect of these efforts. The same applies to national central banks. How profit or potential loss is generated, or from which sources of the central bank revenue is generated, is explained on the following link.

Details of Banka Slovenije's performance in the past year will be available in the upcoming months. They will be disclosed in the context of the publicly published Annual Report and Annual Accounts prepared in accordance with the Accounting Guideline.