First climate-related disclosure of ECB investments

03/23/2023 / Press release

As one of the largest institutional investors, it is important for central banks to integrate socially responsible and sustainable factors into the investment framework. That is why today we at the European Central Bank (ECB) disclosed climate-related disclosure on the ECB's own financial assets and holdings under the Corporate Sector Purchase Programme (CSPP) in the conduct of monetary policy. The first disclosure of its kind demonstrates the realisation of the Eurosystem's commitment to contribute as much as possible to the reduction of net greenhouse gas emissions through its own investments and through the implementation of the CSPP in the conduct of monetary policy.

Such publication within the ECB will be annual and expanded over time, including disclosure of climate-related information on other securities purchase programmes in the context of monetary policy. This is a step towards greater transparency on climate risks and opportunities in the framework of the ECB's own financial investments, while at the same time increasing public awareness and understanding. More information on the disclosure is available on the ECB's website. A similar disclosure for Banka Slovenije's own investments can be found in Banka Slovenije's publication Climate-related disclosure of Banka Slovenije’s own financial assets, March 2023.