Press release from the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia of 16 June 2009

06/16/2009 / Press release

1. At its meeting today the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia discussed information on the upgrade of the matrix reporting for monetary financial institutions and a proposal on future actions, and adopted a resolution on reporting by monetary financial institutions. 

2. The Board also discussed an assessment of the Bank of Slovenia’s estimated need for euro banknotes by denomination for 2011 and 2012, and agreed with the assessment. At the same time the Governing Board agreed with the assessment that there was no need to mint circulation coins to ensure the uninterrupted supply of euro coins within Slovenia. 

3. The Board studied procedures started by the Bank of Slovenia against individual banks relating to public disclosure of confidential data. The Governing Board assessed that the disclosure of data on individual bank customers infringed the basic principles of confidentiality, which are an essential element of the banking system. An infringement relating to the failure to keep banking data confidential can lead to the prosecution of the bank, the person responsible, members of the bank's bodies, bank shareholders, bank employees and other persons with any form of access to confidential data in their work at the bank or in performing services for the bank.