International seminar of the National Bureau of Economic Research

06/20/2008 / Press release

In the coming days, the Bank of Slovenia will host the annual international seminar of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) from the United States. The NBER was established in 1920, and today is the leading American non-profit economic research centre. More than half of the American Nobel Prize winners in Economics have worked at the NBER. Current researches include more than 600 American university professors. The NBER is headed by Harvard professor Jeffrey Frankel and Francesco Giavazzi from the Bocconi University in Milan. 
The seminar, officially known as the International Seminar on Macroeconomics (ISOM), has been organised by the NBER for 30 years. The seminar is attended by leading European and American economists by invitation. 
Invited authors will present nine articles at this year's seminar. The articles are of an academic nature, but as a rule must be driven by a solution to economic problems, with an empirical emphasis. Two invited guests comment on each article. The topics were selected by the NBER and this year's co-organiser, the London School of Economics. Professor Polona Domadenik from the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana has been invited by the NBER to comment on one of the articles. 
As a rule, the seminar is not a public event. Participants include invited authors and commentators. The host may invite several guests from local academic circles to attend the event. These guests typically participate as observers.