Issue of collector coins for circulation

01/03/2008 / Press release

To commemorate the presidency of the European Union, the Bank of Slovenia, through the branch offices of Deželna Banka Slovenije, has released into circulation 1,750 gold coins, of which 1,630 are intended for advance orders and 120 for commercial sale (from a total of 2,000 gold coins, each with a nominal value of EUR 100). The remaining coins are intended for the needs of state bodies. There were also 4,400 silver coins released into circulation, of which 3,356 are intended for advanced orders and 1,644 for commercial sale (from a total of 5,000 silver coins, each with a nominal value of EUR 30). By 3 pm today, Deželna Banka Slovenije had sold 253 gold coins and 901 silver coins. According to data from Deželna Banka Slovenije, all gold coins intended for commercial sale had been sold by the aforementioned hour, while silver coins remained available for commercial sale. The Bank of Slovenia is preparing a proposal for the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for possible further minting. The annual volume of coins issued (commemorative and for circulation) is approved by the European Commission, based on prior consultation with the European Central Bank. 
The fact that the gold collector coins were released for commercial sale in such a remarkably short period of time is the result of extraordinary interest. Another factor that should be considered is the advanced written orders, which interest parties initially sent to the Bank of Slovenia, and later sent to the bank selected and authorised by the Bank of Slovenia to sell these coins, thus making them available to the greatest number of interested parties. The public was notified regarding advance orders for these coins via the Bank of Slovenia's website. The rules of purchase were therefore generally known to the public and non-discriminatory with regard to public accessibility.