Decisions adopted by the Governing Board on 18 September 2007

09/18/2007 / Press release

  1. At today's meeting the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia was briefed on information regarding the audit reports of banks and savings banks for 2006. The Bank of Slovenia takes into account the findings from audit reports as additional information for analysing the operations of banks and for planning and executing inspections. It can be derived from a review of the audit reports that the majority of deficiencies identified by external auditors are associated with the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards, in particular consideration of IAS 39 requirements and the implementation of the new capital regulation. This is an area that has meant a significant substantive and technological step forward for banks in the past year.
  2. The Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia also adopted domestic inter-bank payment standards that will enter into force on 15 December 2007. At the end of last year, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union adopted a regulation which stipulates that transfers of funds must be accompanied by data regarding the payer. These data shall allow for unique identification and the tracking of a payer during possible activities linked to money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. The regulation applies to payments exceeding EUR 1,000 and is binding for all payment institutions in all European Union Member States. SWIFT standards, valid for domestic inter-bank credit payments, will be supplemented to facilitate the implementation of the regulation. Domestic inter-bank payment standards will be published on the Bank of Slovenia's website.