Introduction of the euro in banks

01/02/2007 / Press release

Notice of completion of transition

In these past two days of the new year banks have implemented all the planned measures and activities for the transition to the euro. 

ATMs (bank cash machines) have been successfully brought back into operation, and the use of credit and debit cards as well as POS terminals is functioning normally. 

Procedures have been concluded for the conversion of bank account balances (business accounts, deposits, loans and other accounts). 

Starting tomorrow, bank branches will resume business at their usual opening times. At the same time, electronic transactions will also be available as usual. According to the plan, all banking services should be available. 

May we once again remind the public that any tolars they have in their pockets, wallets, piggy banks or other places can be used to pay for goods and services up to and including 14 January. After that date it will still be possible to change tolars into euros for free up until 1 March 2007.