Decisions adopted by the Governing Board on the occasion of its 320th regular meeting on 20 October 2005

10/20/2005 / Press release

  1. In its today´s session, the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia got acquainted with the activities in introducing a new system of securing the claims of the Bank of Slovenia. The European System of Central Banks disposes of the Common Rules adopted with regard to securing claims deriving from the implementation of monetary policy and the execution of payment transactions.The Statute of the European System of Central Banks and the European Central Bank stipulates that all the credit transactions of the System must be fully secured by means of the eligible financial assets; the European Central Bank therefore also set the criteria which financial assets used in this kind of securing must fulfil. From the beginning of 2007 onwards, a single list of eligible assets will be in effect within the entire Eurosystem. The European Central Bank also defined the criteria for the management of eligible assets, which each national central bank has to fully fulfil on the adoption of the euro. The Bank of Slovenia establishes a collateral management system in the process of the adoption the euro, which is going to be fully adjusted to the mentioned system. The Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia gave consent to the conclusion of a bilateral agreement between the Bank of Slovenia and the Italian Deposit Guarantee Scheme concerning bank deposit guarantees. The Agreement enables Slovene banks to additionally include their branches in Italy in the Italian Deposit Guarantee Scheme.
  2. In its today´s session, the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia inter alia modified the Decision on Identifying and Reporting the Value of Banks´ and Savings Banks´ Investments in the Capital of Non-Financial Organisations and Tangible Assets.It is all about bringing reporting in line with the International Financial Reporting Standards, which will become applicable for banks on 1 January, 2006, when the modifications of the mentioned Decision take effect as well.
  3. In its today´s session, the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia licensed Igor Jarc, M.Sc., to hold the office of a member of the Management Board of »Hypo Alpe-Adria Bank«, a joint-stock bank.