Bank of Slovenia Governor´s Meeting with a European Commissioner

04/28/2005 / Press release

Today, Mr. Mitja Gaspari, the Governor of the Bank of Slovenia, accorded a welcome to Mr. Joaquin Almunio, the European Commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, who is paying a 2-day visit to Slovenia. Holding their discussion, they exchanged standing points and opinions with reference to the planned adoption of the euro in Slovenia, economic conditions in the European Union and in the euro area, as well as with reference to the change management concerning the Stability and Growth Pact. Governor Mr. Mitja Gaspari gave a presentation to the European Commissioner regarding Slovenia´s planned activities on her way to entry into the Eurosystem and regarding the latest projections drawn up by the Bank of Slovenia of the future economic and monetary developments. As he emphasised, the exchange rate has been stable after Slovenia´s entry into ERMII, and the projections of the future economic and monetary developments show that Slovenia could, should there be no significant deviation from the goals set, adopt the euro at the beginning of 2007, as it is envisaged.