Reprint of 5.000 Tolar banknote in circulation

07/11/2002 / Press release

Bank of Slovenia has put into circulation a modified version of the 5.000 Tolar banknote on 15 July 2002 to replace the used banknotes and to improve the quality of banknotes in circulation. The main characteristics are as follows:

  • on the front of the banknote there is a palette shaped hologram with a pattern of stylized flowers and numbers "5000" in changing colours (replacing previous gold LIFT foil);
  • on the back of the banknote, windowed thread with micro-lettering is added as a security feature embedded close to the left edge of the banknote;
  • the date of issue is "15 January 2002"
  • facsimile signatures of Mr. Mitja Gaspari, Governor of the Bank of Slovenia and Mr. Leon Repovž, PhD, Member of the Bank of Slovenia Governing Board, are reproduced.

All previous issues of the banknotes remain legal tender.