25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Slovenia (2016)

After the first democratic elections in Slovenia on 8 April 1990, in July of the same year the new Slovenian government, together with members of parliament, began drafting legislation aimed at achieving independence. The result was the Declaration of the Sovereignty of the Republic of Slovenia, which set a deadline of one year for adopting a constitution. The Slovenian parliament published a declaration of adherence to the fundamental conventions of the Council of Europe, and on 6 December 1990 it also adopted a Statement of Good Intent. The referendum on Slovenian independence was held on 23 December 1990, with 93.2% of eligible voters participating. In response to the question “Should the Republic of Slovenia become an independent and sovereign state?”, 88.5% of eligible voters supported independence. The official result of the referendum was announced on 26 December 1990.

The first half of 1991 was devoted to the preparations for independence. Slovenia became an independent sovereign state on 25 June 1991 with the adoption of the Basic Constitutional Charter on the Sovereignty and Independence of the Republic of Slovenia. The Slovenian parliament also adopted the Constitutional Law and the Declaration of Independence. The negative response of the Yugoslav federal military authorities and certain politicians in Belgrade meant that Slovenia’s declaration of independence was followed by a ten-day armed conflict between the Yugoslav army and Slovenian defence forces. The conflict resulted in military and civilian casualties. It was ended with the ceasefire of 7 July 1991, and the signing of the Brioni Agreement.

In the monetary realm the Bank of Slovenia assumed the role of the central bank as defined by the Bank of Slovenia Act on 25 June 1991. By 8 October 1991 Slovenia had its own currency: the tolar. The constitutional assembly passed the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia on 23 December 1991, the first constitution of Slovenia as an independent sovereign state.


Commemorative coin

The Republic of Slovenia is issuing a 2-euro commemorative coin to mark the 25th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence, a momentous event in the history of the Slovenian nation. The decision by Slovenian citizens is symbolised on the commemorative coin by the words “dočákat´ dan”, an extract from Prešeren’s original draft of Zdravljica, Slovenia’s national anthem.

Coin designer: Jernej Kejžar, Kranj / Slovenia.
Minting: Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato S.p.A., Rome / Italy.

  • Minted: 1 million coins.
  • Date of issue: 20 June 2016.

Official Journal of the EU, 2016/C 97/08 (12. 3. 2016).


Commemorative coin in plastic capsules

The Bank of Slovenia has prepared 2€ commemorative coin (proof quality) issued to mark the 25th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Slovenia:

  • 3,500 coins in plastic capsules.

They are on sale from 20 June 2016.


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