Clarification: ban on card payment surcharging

03/20/2018 / Press release


Questions are being raised in public with regard to the ban on surcharging for payments made with certain payment instruments in accordance with the new Payment Services, Electronic Money Issuance Services and Payment Systems Act (the ZPlaSSIED).

For the purpose of avoiding any ambiguity, we can clarify that the ZPlaSSIED, which entered into force on 22 February 2018 and transposes the Directive on payment services in the internal market (the PSD2) into Slovenian law, stipulates inter alia that the ban applies to surcharging (demanded by merchants for accepting a card as a payment instrument) on payments with all payment cards issued to consumers in Slovenia by payment service providers (banks, savings banks, electronic money institutions, payment institutions). Regulation 2015/751, which restricts interchange fees, applies to payment transactions with the aforementioned cards. The ban on surcharging does not apply to withdrawals at ATMs or at bank counters.

See here (only in Slovene) for more on the ban on surcharging by payment recipients, see this link for more information about the PSD2, and see here for information about the new payment services.