Ta veseli dan kulture (day of culture) at the Banka Slovenije Museum and Mala galerija

11/18/2022 / Press release

As part of the informal holiday Ta veseli dan kulture, which we mark each year in Slovenia on 3 December, the birthday of poet France Prešeren, we offered a special programme for children and adults at the Banka Slovenije Museum and exhibition room Mala galerija.

On Saturday 3 December 2022, children could join us at the Banka Slovenije Museum for specially designed thematic workshops. What we offered included a didactic puzzle game of occasional coins that helped them understand more closely certain important events and figures in Slovenian history, they could write a postcard from the Museum, put a Banka Slovenije stamp on it and also post it, while those a little older had the chance to use study sheets to take an independent educational stroll through the Museum, and they also made a map of Europe with us and in a didactic way learn about the euro area, its members and the various monetary units in Europe. Everyone could also view the most attractive exhibits – ranging from a cash machine (ATM), old piggy banks and money in Slovenia to a chair made of shredded euro banknotes, and a bar made of gold. These exhibits and a more in-depth look at the tasks and operation of Banka Slovenije were also available for adult visitors, who could take a guided afternoon tour.

We also organised a special programme for children at the Mala galerija Banke Slovenije, which is currently hosting an exhibition of UL ALUO photography students entitled Odboj (Bounce). This exhibition looks in a practical way at the creative process and invites visitors to enter into it and into a relationship with the photographers and exhibition itself.