Decisions adopted by the Governing Board on 5 February 2008

02/05/2008 / Press release

  1. At today's meeting the Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia was briefed on current economic and financial developments. The realisation of economic and social objectives of the European Community is focused on sustainable and non-inflationary economic growth amidst the basic liabilities of Member States. The objective of sustainable and non-inflationary growth requires a return to frameworks of potential growth. Taking this into account, it would be useful to define objective criteria for assessing growth rates for budget and other public expenditure as well as wages that are in line with achieving the aforementioned focus. It has been established that the Maastricht criterion of price stability must be a constant focus of economic policies in Slovenia. The Maastricht criterion of price growth must be the primary factor when determining the growth of administered prices.
  2. The Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia was briefed on and discussed current banking operations and current events on capital markets. Following several months of growth, the lending activities of banks in Slovenia fell slightly in December 2007. Savings in the form of short-term deposits rose, while borrowing by banks abroad was moderate. According to preliminary data, the profit of banks reached EUR 513 million in 2007, nearly one-third more than the previous year.
  3. The Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia was briefed on data regarding the financing of the state budget of the Republic of Slovenia for 2008 and on securities in banks' balance sheets. The Governing Board has adopted the position that coordination with the Ministry of Finance is important when determining the dynamics of inflows from borrowing.
  4. The Governing Board of the Bank of Slovenia has appointed Ms Metka Prevc, university of economics graduate, as the governor's chief of staff for a period of four years, effective 15 February 2008