Decisions adopted by the Governing Board on the occasion of its 336th regular meeting on 19 July 2006

07/19/2006 / Press release

  1. At its meeting of 19 July 2006 the Governing Board discussed secondary legislation based on the Mortgage Bond and Municipal Bond Act. It adopted the regulation on the conditions for acquiring an authorisation to issue mortgage and municipal bonds, the regulation on the calculation of the net present value of collateral, the regulation on the inclusion of derivatives among collateral, and the regulation on the custodian of the register of collateral.
  2. At today’s meeting the Governing Board also discussed and adopted the regulation on the establishment and administration of the register of transaction accounts, and the opening and management of transaction accounts with special status. This regulates access to data on the transaction accounts of individuals in accordance with the constitutional court ruling that in October 2005 annulled the previous rules on access to this data as described in the first and second paragraphs of Article 29 of the Payments Act.
  3. The Governing Board also debated the progress report for the project of introducing the euro at the commercial banks. Activities in this connection are proceeding in line with expectations.