The Decisions adopted by the Governing Board on the occasion of its 313th regular meeting on 30 June 2005

06/30/2005 / Press release

  1. It licensed "BAWAG banka d.d." (a joint-stock bank), 30 "Tivolska" Road, Ljubljana, to perform banking and other financial services: receiving deposits and granting credits for its own account; factoring; issuing guarantees and other commitments; lending, inclusive of mortgage credits and funding trade transactions; trading in foreign legal tenders, inclusive of currency-exchange operations; trading in derived financial instruments; collecting, analysing and submitting information on credit ratings of legal persons; intermediating in concluding transactions on loan and credit, and performing services of payment operations.
  2. It licesed Mr. Blaž Brodnjak and Mr. Joachim Reitmeier to hold the office of a member of the Management Board of "BAWAG banka d.d." (a joint-stock bank), which is currently being set up.
  3. It licensed "Koroška banka" and "Banka Domžale" to perform other financial services: receipt and intermediation in placing orders for securities´ purchase or sale, which are handled by other brokerage companies (intermediation in placing orders). Furthermore, it licensed "Volksbank - Ljudska banka" to perform the intermediation of orders, trade services for its own account and intermediation in investment coupons´ or investment funds´ marketing and sale. In all the above cases, there is the issue of alignment with the Amending Securities-Market Act.