50 years of FAO (1995)

The FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) is a specialised United Nations agency. It was founded on 16 October 1945 in Quebec (Canada). Its function is the care for the improvement of nutrition, increased production, and the wider distribution of all food products and crops from agricultural lands and forests. One of its additional tasks is providing technical assistance in the provision of food and participation in the development of the international food market.

Slovenia became a member of the FAO on 8 November 1993. Cooperation has so far been successful in the research into the activities of farm women, development of the less advanced region surrounding the Trebnje municipality , utilization of grasslands on hilly areas, rehabilitation and replanting of olive tree plantations, as well as some other projects.

As early as 1968, the FAO started the "money and medal" programme, which is based on the annual issue of commemorative coins and special medals under the slogan "FIAT PANIS". The profit from the sales of these coins is intended to finance agricultural projects in developing countries. This year, on the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the organization wishes to spread the awareness of its mission - the elimination of hunger and poverty - among all progressive and good-willed people, through an international project. The FAO is striving to increase general interest in the potential of agriculture, since the awareness that the production and distribution of food must be increased if hunger and malnutrition, which are unfortunately still present in many countries around the world, are to be reduced. The FAO slogan "FIAT PANIS", or in Slovene "HRANO VSEM" (Food for Everybody), is therefore highly relevant.

With the intention of participating in this international project, the Republic of Slovenia is issuing two special coins:

  • a silver coin with a nominal value of 500 Tolars, a weight of 15 grams, a diameter of 32 mm and a purity of 925/1000; in a quantity of 3,000 coins;
  • a coin for general circulation with a nominal value of 5 Tolars, a weight of 6.4 grams, a diameter of 26 mm, made of an Cu-Zn-Ni alloy; quantity: 500,000 pieces.

Author of the rough-cast design of silver coins: Boštjan Debelak
Authors of the rough-cast design of circulation coins: Gorazd and Matjaž Učakar
Minting: Statna Mincovna, Kremnica/Slovakia