Complaints and whistleblowing

Please read the descriptions of all three processes on this page carefully, as this will help you choose the right solution for you. In case of any doubt, we advise that you read the description of each option on the “proceed to complaint” and “proceed to whistleblowing platform” links.

With regard to potential breaches by supervised entities, we should highlight the key differences between the complaints process and the whistleblowing process:

  • Complaint against bank or other supervised entity
  • The purpose is to address your case in your dealings with a bank or other supervised entity
  • The response that you receive consists of an opinion from Banka Slovenije staff
  • The identity of the complainant is not subject to special protection, and complaints may not be made anonymously
  • Whistleblowing in respect of bank or other supervised entity
    • The purpose is to identify individual and systematic breaches, irrespective of your relationship with the bank or other supervised entity
    • The response that you receive consists of information about the completion and outcome of the process (while mindful of Banka Slovenije’s duty to safeguard confidential information)
    • Whistleblowing provides for special protection of the whistleblower’s identity in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act, and whistleblowing may also be done anonymously

If you have any questions with regard to Banka Slovenije’s functioning, or the interpretation and implementation of regulations under Banka Slovenije’s remit, or similar questions of a general nature, use the form on the contacts page.

Complaints by users of financial services


Reporting of breaches (whistleblowing) at banks and other entities supervised by Banka Slovenije


Reporting of breaches (whistleblowing) at Banka Slovenije

This is the process to choose if you feel as a user of financial services that a bank, savings bank or other supervised entity has breached the applicable regulations in providing services for you. We will look into your complaint and get back to you.



Choose this process if you suspect a breach of applicable regulations in connection with the provision of financial services or compliance with prudential requirements binding on a bank or other entity supervised by Banka Slovenije.



This is the process to follow if you suspect any breach of applicable regulations or other requirements binding on Banka Slovenije.