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About exhibition

Concrete is one of the materials which architects used in the first half of the 20th century to help shape modern society. Due to its relatively simple manufacture and the widespread access to the raw materials in its composition, it has been used for construction almost everywhere in the world. Nowadays concrete is universally present in architecture, but does not feature much in the design dimension, and this was the basis for the student design workshops At Home with Concrete (2020-2021) and Concrete 2.0 (2022-2023). The workshops were created in partnership with Alpacem Cement and the tech company Zevnik Lab.

During the two workshops, students looked at various methods for making concrete structures, ranging from the simple and ‘primitive’ to high-tech, which affect the various characteristics of the products. The exhibition showcases a selection of the 31 designs that were created.

The workshop At Home with Concrete explores the potential for concrete as a tactile material for small, everyday objects that colonise the home. The range of products comprises lighting units, vessels, board games, a chess set, a hanger and storage cubbies, which in interaction with various everyday objects can give the home a new and specific character. The idea behind Concrete 2.0 was to explore the ‘properties of concrete’ and its production. This led to the creation of concrete structures which can occupy various external spaces as urban equipment.

Mentors: prof. Vasa J. Perović, asist. Anja Vidic, dr. Jure Grohar
Workshop promoter: Alpacem Cement
Products and technical support: Zevnik LAB
Production: Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana
MGBS kurator: Vladimir Vidmar




Gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday between 11am and 7pm.

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