Opens Doors to Young Artists


The undergraduate thesis titled "Kolekcija oblačil z izhodiščem v LGBTQ+ skupnosti" (A Clothing Collection with Its Starting Point in the LGBTQ+ Community) explores the author's own identity through the LGBTQ+ community and in connection with computer and console games. The result of the thesis is the Gaymer collection, which seeks to connect the real and imaginary worlds, and consists of seven avatars. Each of them expresses specific visual and personality traits of the author in connection with how he experiences various types of love (for himself, his partner, his family, etc.). The collection combines experimental patterns digitally printed on velvet and the traditional crocheting technique. The wide colour palette represents the typical colour diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. The eclectic symphony of colours, materials, and patterns affirms the acceptance of freedom of thought, encouraging viewers to think about their own clothing identity and accept differences.

As such, Gaymer is much more than just a personal, idiosyncratic declaration through the language of a fashion collection: it is a unique segment of time, a document which, by layering influences, visual references, and material fragments, testifies to the identity of a specific community as well as to the wider society within which it takes form. The exhibition reveals its rich layers and provides a cross section of Marinč's creative process, his ways of thinking and operating, rather than just insight into the "end product". It is about fashion as a complex social mechanism of collecting, accumulating, and changing the focus of the culture and society it belongs to, and the subsequent creation of new proposals for living together. And this is precisely the "end product" of fashion as an affirmative activity committed to society.

Advisors: Assist. Prof. Petja Zorec, Assist. Alenka More, tech. collaborator Mojca Košir
Photo: Marijo Županov
Production: University of Ljubljana Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Chair of Textile and Fashion Design
MGBS Curator: Vladimir Vidmar



Open from tuesday to saturday, 11.00 - 19.00.