At Banka Slovenije we are aware of the importance of conducting our business and pursuing our tasks and objectives in the right way, with integrity, while meeting the legitimate expectations of the public with regard to the actions and responsibilities of individuals and the institution as a whole, in accordance with regulations, lawful objectives, and the highest ethical standards.

Banka Slovenije has adopted the Code of Ethics of Banka Slovenije, which sets out the rules of ethical conduct for our employees, and has also put in place the function of the compliance officer, who ensures that employee conduct complies with the applicable regulations, the integrity standards, and the ethical rules of the profession.

The Code of Ethics of Banka Slovenije thus reflects our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The Code of Ethics applies to all individuals working for Banka Slovenije or on its behalf, including members of the Governing Board, employees, and external service providers. By adhering to the Code of Ethics, we clearly affirm that independence, transparency, fairness, professionalism, impartiality and accountability are the fundamental principles that underpin our work. These values form part of our common responsibility to work in the public interest, to uphold Banka Slovenije’s reputation, and together to build the trust of the public.

The public, supervised entities, business partners and other stakeholders who work with Banka Slovenije can understand the values of Banka Slovenije based on the Code of Ethics, and are able to apply them in their actions in relation to Banka Slovenije. The Code of Ethics thus helps external stakeholders avoid actions that could lead to allegations of improper influence. In particular, it is crucial for external stakeholders to adhere to the rules and restrictions concerning the offering of gifts and engagement in private contacts (lobbying) with Banka Slovenije employees.

Banka Slovenije function holders and employees are required to report any contacts with external stakeholders that have the nature of lobbying to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption. Contacts with external stakeholders are undertaken transparently, while upholding the four-eyes principle. Banka Slovenije also endeavours to ensure that all stakeholders are equally informed of all relevant issues and positions of general importance, and have the opportunity to put forward their own criticisms and suggestions.

Banka Slovenije’s success in achieving our goals and performing our tasks depends on the trust that we build with our employees and among the public through our decisions and actions. We recognise that our commitment to integrity is fundamental to maintaining this trust, and preserving Banka Slovenije as a reputable and credible institution.