The Real Sector

Table 4.1. Deriavtion and Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product and Table 4.2. Quarterly Real Gross Domestic Product

* New data according to the new methodology. Millions of Tolars, constant previous year prices, reference year 1995.

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia has published the gross domestic product revision for the period 1995-2004 in September 2005. The reasons for the revision are sectoral allocation of financial services indirectly measured (FISIM) and the transition to GDP estimates at constant prices of the previous year.

Metodological notes are published also on the internet page:

Table 4.3.: Industry

Indices on industrial production are provisional from Fabruary 2004. 
Metodological notes are published on the internet page:

Table 4.5.: Employment and Unemployment

The majority of data for the period before 1997 are estimations based on methodologies used in those years.

Table 4.6.: Average Wages and Salaries

Real wages are deflated with consumer price index.

In case of data for January 2005 and forthwith, the methodology concerning average monthly earnings has been changed, so that legal persons with 1 or 2 employees in the private sector are now taken into account. 
The Survey, however, does not include individual private entrepreneurs and persons employed by them, own account workers and farmers. The published data are the result of the new survey Monthly Report on Earnings at Legal Entities. Data for this report are collected by the Agency for Public and Legal Records and Services (with Obrazec 1 - ZAP/M questionnaire) and are then submitted the Statistical Office of Slovenia for statistical processing. 
To enable index calculation for 2005, the Statistical Office of Slovenia recalculated 2004 data according to the new methodology.

Table 4.7.: Registered Households’ Income

Real aggregates are deflated with consumer prices index.

Table 4.8.: Prices

The data in the table will be recalculated according to base year 2005. 
Notes on methodology are published on the internet page: